health brief evaluation

I chose young children of aged 6-12 as my target group for the health brief. I decided on this target group because there has been increasing numbers and cases of child obesity around the world. And it applies to children of UK as well. 

I was struggling to come up with an idea to promote making exercise a healthy habit to children. At the beginning, I thought of using childrens’ drawings and handwriting as an approach in tackling this brief.

I then moved on and came up with the idea of using Olympic athletes as childrens’ role models and hence motivate them to exercise and become like the medalists. George’s tutorial was really helpful and helped me see which direction I should be going. He suggested that in order to persuade parents I’d have to show what’s good in it for them to have their children to exercise. 

My ideas failed to carry the message across to the target audience effectively. After listening to George and looking at advertising strategies online, I had some new inspiration. I came across tips on how to spark ideas for advertising while researching campaign strategies. It was really helpful. It’s sth as simple as listing out the features/selling points of your aim, ie. how parents can benefit from having their children to do exercise. 

I came up with a few other ideas after doing the. I thought of having exercise as childrens’ daily ‘vitamins’, replacing the job of taking vitamins or supplements to become healthier and stronger. I also thought of using childrens’ imaginative nature as a different approach. 

Eventually arriving at the idea I used for my final designs – using family/memories as an approach. What’s beneficial to parents to exercise with their kids is that you create good memories. You have fun and of course, become healthier. 

It was a difficult journey to finally arrive at an effective design. I struggled quite a bit and I’m glad I had help and some really helpful advice from the group tutorials to direct me. I think it’s important to keep in mind what message you want to carry across to your target audience. The tricky bit is to strike a balance between the design and the consumers’ mindset ’cause it would be still be an ineffective advertising campaign if the final product fails to achieve either side. It was a great experience overall.