common advertising campaign strategies: 

  • emotional appeals 

Advertising campaigns that successfully play on the emotions of customers can have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. If you are targeting parents, for example, you might focus on the bond between a mother and a child or the feeling that time is moving too fast. Although emotional advertising can be difficult to execute well, a strong campaign can tug at the heartstrings of your audience and prompt them to purchase your goods.

  • ideal lifestyle

To make a person want to buy a product, you can use people and activities that represent your target audience’s ideal lifestyle. Upon watching, hearing, or reading your advertisement, potential customers must be left with the sense that people who are using your products or services have the kind of jobs, family, and income they want. This creates a desire in the minds of your customers, as part of them believes that if they purchase your company’s product, they will be one step closer to their dreams.

  • celebrities 
  • feel-good

“Feel-good” advertising campaigns are designed to create positive associations with your company. When executed well, they can help your business build a friendly, funny, or charitable reputation, which can make customers want to purchase your products or services. To carry out a feel-good campaign, you can use humor, be transparent about your processes, or focus on the ways that your company serves humanity or the environment. When a customer has a positive perception of your company, he is likely to transfer that feeling to your products.

i think among the 4 main categories, celebrities may not be applicable in this health promotion campaign.