“Here’s what I like: I like fitness games on my Xbox 360, especially the Zumba and Dance Central series. There is new content added regularly and by the time I burn myself out on one of the games? A new version is released. The other great part is that I can actually do them with my older daughter. My younger one even gets in the action every once in awhile, doing her own little toddler boogie in front of me. I like going on walks with my girls, Addie on her bike and Vivi in her stroller, bonus points if the sun is out and the sidewalks are cleared off. With the strangely mild spells of weather we’ve been experiencing we have had a lot more chances to enjoy outside than a typical winter. The last thing I like doing at home is hooping, which is really just a fancy term for Hula Hooping. I have an adult weighted hoop and I’m really good at it, Addie is a natural hooper as well and we’ll have hooping standoffs in the living room to see who will quit first. ”

parents’ perspective of working out with kids/ doing ‘exercise’ regularly with children