Studio Brave was founded in 2002, and is now run by a few designers who majored in visual communication. 

they do a variety of design projects, namely identity/rebranding, web design, editorial etc. 

i think they’re creative when it comes to packaging and rebranding, eg the Mark Buckner photography album is packaged as a parcel, where readers/viewers have to untie and unwrap the wrapping in order to admire the photography collection. 

when it comes to the editorial work, a grid system can clearly be seen (3-column in Stair Magazine Vol 2) designs are minimal, simple and neat. 

my favorite piece is the projects they did for St Kilda Film Festival (SKFF), from designing tickets, posters, programme to website, awards and much more. they used abstract geometric shapes as the main design for SKFF 2012 and made use of vibrant colors for it. i think it’s a successful design at catching attention. they used a 3 column design in the programme and 2 column design on the tickets. i like the tickets most as they are cut out as the geometric shapes.

i think they can put down a few words in explaining their ideas and inspiration for the projects, it’d be easier to understand their designs and give better insight/ bring in diff perspectives.