hybography brief – combine 2 or more typeface (1 serif & 1 sans serif) to create hybrid typography posters

quote/lyrics : “When things go wrong, we just go on.” Pixie Lott

hand rendered – combined fonts diagonally on both sides so that it forms a criss-cross for ‘wrong’ ; put 1 font on top of the another for ‘go on’

digital (1) – played around by cutting up bits of the letters in different ways, some into halves, some diagonally. used the exclude & divide pathways on Illustrator for that

digital (2) – combined a script typeface w/ a sans serif typeface; used it as a shadow for ‘go on’; combined uppercase w/ lowercase letters for ‘we just’; made use of polar grid tool & divide pathway to create a shattered effect on ‘go on’

it was quite hard to express the meaning of the lyrics in the design of the typeface but i went on with it ’cause i find the quote inspiring and encouraging. it does help me through a certain phase. put emphasis on ‘go wrong’ and ‘go on’ by the size/thickness/complexity of font.